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A Random Act of Kindness Goes Viral

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We love to hear stories about random acts of kindness! Bring more good into the world…more love than hate. This is why Just Because exists.

“In early February 2013,  Eli Janetis of Florida invited his friends on Facebook to join an event called “A Random Act of Kindness.” His friend Matt Scheidt of Winston-Salem accepted the invitation and became the administrator.

Matt Scheidt of Winston-Salem (pictured) and his friend Eli Janetis of Florida are hoping their Facebook event will encourage others to perform “A Random Act of Kindness.”

Matt joined WFDD’s Keri Brown in the studio and Eli phoned in from Boca Raton to discuss why these monthly events have thousands of people are sharing their stories of kindness.

A Random Act of Kindness” on Facebook will take place monthly. The next event is scheduled for this Friday.”

Listen to the Radio Interview about “A Random Act of Kindness”.


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